Premature Baby – Growing Up In A Perfect Health

Incubators are primarily used to achieve thermoneutral conditions for prematurely born children. Therefore, one of the essential criteria for translating from incubator to bed is the ability of the child to preserve body temperature. The baby is usually translated from the incubator, when its clinical condition is stable and when its body weight is from 1,700 to 1,800 grams (about 60 ounces).

How many babies born before the term remain in the hospital?

Early-born babies remain in the hospital depending on how much early they were born and what their state of health is. If they are immature with a lower body mass, those babies stay longer in the hospital, because the help of a doctor is longer needed for them.


How do I care for a premature baby?

Your baby needs a lot of attention, tenderness, and warmth. That’s why you often visit him or her and get close to making a contact. Touch her, sing to her. The baby will remember that touch and the color of your voice. After discharge from the hospital, regular controls and screenings are required in accordance with the doctor’s recommendation.

Can a premature baby be able to breastfeed normally?

Every drop of your milk is of paramount importance to every newborn, especially when it is prematurely born or ill. Because your baby is so little she probably cant suck the milk by itself so you will need a help of doctors to show you with what technical help you will get your milk to your baby so she can grow strong and in perfect health.


How much should it progress on a monthly basis?

How prematurely a baby is going to progress monthly depends on her clinical condition.

When will your child reach the growth and development of its peers?

When it will be able to reach its peers in growth and development depends on genetics, the environment, whether there is a chronic disease, neurological problems, etc. However, if there were no complications, until the age of three years, a premature baby could reach its peers.