We are a non-profit organization that exists over ten years (now almost twenty), and we are here to fight for and to support all the mothers and their babies, to fight for their health by preventing birth defects.

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is not only to raise awareness about these specific problems but also to educate the public. We want to help not only mothers and their babies, not only families and communities, but we also want to help doctors and researchers, to encourage them to deal deeper with these problems.


Meet Our Team Of Voluntaries

Doctors – in our team there are a large number of doctors who work in some of the best hospitals in this country and who through their experience and dedication support the work of this organization

Nurses – with a large number of educational programs, there are nurses who not only provide help and support to our clients but as other volunteers participate in the collection of positions

Students – In our team of volunteers, we also have a large number of highly dedicated medical students who are interested in dedicating their future profession to future mothers and newborns.


What We Do

Some of our responsibilities:

  • Collect aid and funds
  • We educate not only the public, but also the hospitals, doctors, and politicians about the specific issues of these problems
  • We refer women suffering from addiction to drug and alcohol rehabs in Missouri
  • We provide health and psychological support to all pregnant women, mothers and their babies

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